Editorial November 2008

Welcome to the November Edition. Thanks to Kailash Technologies, the site is taking shape as intended. The world is bubbling with activity on all fronts. For the news-hungry media, even pregnancy of popular film stars is a hot topic. We know that visitors to Flat Forum are different. We promise out-of-routine presentations on varied topics and invite participation.

Keep watching for regular additional inputs.


Men in News

    ‘Mubarak’ Barack Obama

    Indian Cricket- phosphorescence to fluorescence

    Kartik Rajaram – a victim or a criminal?

Health Tips

     Get Beaten and Enjoy Life

Language Tunes

    ‘Hardly’ Matters

   You ‘No’ It

eMail News

   Have you ever heard about LPG expiry…!!


   Terror in Mumbai – Just a wakeup call!

Stories by Children

   Racial Discrimination by Sriramakamal




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  1. buhThashy said,

    I’ve just registered to say your site is very useful and nicely done!
    Thank you very much for your work.


    Sorry for offtopic.


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