Editorial October 2008

Flat Forum October 2008

Welcome to the new look edition of the FLAT FORUM. In the April edition we introduced our motto and presented articles covering varied topics. This edition continues the tradition. We invite participation.

Some of the news reports may seem to be out of date as they were prepared in May this year. However, their relevance is not out of date, e.g., nasty goings-on go on in politics and terrorism continues to be unabated.

The world is bubbling with activity on all fronts. Keep watching for regular additional inputs.

Men in News

Health Tips

Language Tunes

Stories by Children

    –  The Wanting Machine by K.S.K.Yasaswy

    – Sunken Treasure by V. Sai Deepthi

eMail News

Story: The Touch by Vasundhara

Quotable Quotes


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