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The Trinity of my Career: by Dr. J. Rajagopala Rao, Scientist (Retd), CSIR.

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Education is an important aspect of life. Academic centers provide training facilities to impart education through knowledge. They also confer diplomas or degrees and certificates as measures of education attained. However, those degrees etc could be measures more of knowledge than of education. Scriptures suggest that a knowledgeable person can be considered educated only if his behavioral aspects emanate from his knowledge. His behavior should also be pleasant, logical and acceptable to his fellow-beings. Education insists on reason over adamancy, suggests shedding ego, propagates politeness and promotes human welfare in preference to self. Such education may not need academic training as it can be attained through experience also. It is not surprising if people with little knowledge are more educated than those with vast knowledge. In the present world scenario, knowledgeable persons seem to have taken over from the educated in all matters of major global concern.
We launch the “Flat Forum”- a unique platform for interactive education through educative interaction from visitors to our site. Along with an editorial on topics of current interest and information relevant to the site, the Forum contemplates features covering such varied topics as literature, marriage, religion, politics, sports, arts, science & mathematics, and entertainment. There will be chitchat also for informal discussion on any topic. Although the pattern appears akin to popular magazines, substantial differences exist.
Humans are the luckiest among their breathing partners of life on earth. Yet human life is short even for centurions. The best way to enjoy such short duration is to fill life with happiness ignoring all woes. Many knew this but feel difficulty in finding easier ways of implementation. “Flat Forum” aims at happiness in life by the simplest mechanism, i.e., through imparting positive attitude and removing negative thoughts. Be assured that there will be no religious discourses, moral sermons, fitness demonstrations, meditation practices or philosophical preaches. Keeping down-to-earth interaction in mind, we have chosen Dr. J. Rajagopalarao, retired scientist of the Council of Scientific Industrial Research (India) and his wife Ms. Ramalakshmi to look after the Forum. The couple, well known as “vasundhara” for their contributions to Telugu literature, thoroughly experienced the pulse of multi-faceted life in India and also had reasonable exposure to international surroundings. They have seen many ups and downs in over 40 years of a very happy married life but always remained on high in spirits. They intend to share their thoughts to serve as a “bodhi tree” on “Flat Forum”. You may be aware that one of the greatest saints “Gautama Buddha” attained divine knowledge under the “bodhi tree”. The tree did not have any magic powers. It provided just the ideal atmosphere for the likes of Gautama Buddha to organize their thoughts. We expect the “Flat Forum” to serve as “bodhi tree” under the supervision of vasundhara to help orient or reorient your thoughts towards positive attitude.
What is be-positive?
For many, mathematics could be the dreaded subject in studies. But it is the guiding factor in life for all. Life is full of positives and negatives and progress is achieved by managing to enter the positive range through summation or multiplication.  In summation this can be achieved by outnumbering the negatives with positives. In multiplication a negative can be converted into a positive if multiplied by another negative; but beware, the same negative can turn a positive into negative. For any given situation or personality there could be positive and negative aspects. Knowledgeable persons know the mathematical implications but only educated persons practise the be-positive attitude. We may now present a glimpse of our attitude on some of the proposed topics.

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